Volunteer OpportunitiesCopyright: Chris Kitahara
Copyright: Chris Kitahara

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Warm Hearth. From the beginning, we have hoped that Warm Hearth could be a venue of service for willing individuals and professionals. And as an unprecedented project in Armenia, we have relied heavily on individuals that have been able to give of their time, knowledge and expertise. With only one paid employee in the U.S. many aspects of the project have developed with the help and support of our volunteers.


USA and Armenia-based opportunities are listed below.  Volunteer opportunities are determined in large by the skill set, interest and expertise of the volunteer. If you are interested in helping Warm Hearth please contact us. If your qualifications meet our needs, we will contact you. 

Note: We do not have an office in the USA in order to save administrative costs.  Volunteer projects are arranged creatively and most of our volunteers work from home. Two volunteers: Anna & Bridget
Two volunteers: Anna & Bridget


Volunteer Opportunities


  • Community Fundraising: Plan and organize an event that benefits Warm Hearth. Invite your friends and community members to your home for an evening. Show the Warm Hearth DVD. Collect or donate items that can be used to benefit Warm Hearth.
  • Act as a consultant for fundraising development.
  • Act as a consultant to our Armenian psychiatrist and director regarding residents’ medical needs/options.
  • Translate Armenian materials into English, and vice versa. 
  • Provide staff training and/or act as an ongoing consultant to the staff in regard to behavior management skills.
  • Act as a medical consultant to our staff.
  • Explore and develop local vocational options.
  • Provide recreational/art therapy for residents.
  • Write grants.  Research grant opportunities. 



Examples of past Warm Hearth volunteerism include: Copyright: Chris Kitahara
Copyright: Chris Kitahara


  • Amante Mission donated administrative support in the early stages of the project as well as printing supplies for the first newsletter.
  • A graduate student helped us design and edit our first documentary.
  • A group of graphic designers have designed and updated our website on a regular basis.
  • A graduate school student donated manuals and textbooks on nonprofit management as well as acted as a consultant for Warm Hearth.
  • A volunteer gathered used cell phones from her workplace for a recent fundraiser.
  • A volunteer has offered her home for a community fundraising gathering.
  • A CPA has donated time to help us with financial reports, statements, IRS filings, etc.
  • A law firm has donated services to Friends of Warm Hearth, Inc. In addition, an Armenian lawyer has donated his time to help with the Armenian legal matters.